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Agent Profile:

Personal Information:

I'm a long time Ambassador for the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, member of Placer County Association of Realtors and an active church member. My husband is a General Contractor. Both of my brothers and their families are in Placer County, as are my parents who have lived in the country here, for 30+ yrs. My husband, Ron, and I live in a custom house Ron built for us in Auburn. My husband's Mom lives in a home he built for her locally.

  • Ambassador for Auburn Chamber of Commerce, I know the area.
  • Member of National & California & Placer & Nevada County Associations of Real Estate.
  • Sold radio airtime, wrote commercials, arranged promotions for 4 years.
  • Construction management and accounting 20 years, and have “double checking” bookkeeper habits.
  • Negotiated sales of photocopiers,6 years!
  • Moved around the world with Air Force parents, and two brothers. Resident in Placer County for 20+ years.
  • Sunday school teacher since I was 16, I'm 58 now. Attend church and teach Sunday School, administrator for our church website:
  • Married for 7 years, to an excellent local Homebuilder, my real estate partner.
  • Hobbies: Gardening, reading, camping, boating. Real estate is a pleasant adventure on a daily basis, exciting and satisfying to be directly involved with people improving their situations when moving.

Selection of a Site for Building your Home

Do you want a rural, or urban setting? Urban lots usually have public utilities. Your realtor can help with the proper inspections. Your realtor should go with you to see new sub-divisions on your first visit.

Your realtor will get you disclosures about any CC&Rs on the use of the property, homeowner association fees, or architectural control requirements. Things to investigate on Rural lots: surveys, taxes, zoning, permits, grading, riparian and mineral rights, easements, setbacks, utility hook-ups, and more.

Buying Unimproved Land for Home Construction

You can pay cash for your lot, or get a home equity loan, a land loan, or a construction loan which can pay for the land and improvements. You should be pre-approved before making an offer on land. Your budget is important, you must have money to finish the project and get a final.

Raw land usually will not have utilities. You or the seller should have the soil tested for suitability of sewage disposal, and may need to have a well drilled, plus electric/gas/phone/cable/dsl brought onto the property to the building site. Your builder will advise about grading, trees, rocks, drainage, compaction, setbacks, scheduling, permits, weather impact.

Well Drilling

Try to choose a parcel with good probability of drilling a great producing well. Talk to local well drilling companies and the county environmental dept. about the area, and other wells that have been drilled nearby. Try to find out the depth and production rates of neighboring wells. Drillers have traditional methods of choosing good locations. Geologists might fly over and do a grid estimate of the best location, too.

What about House Plans?

You probably won't know your foundation type, until after you choose the land. In the foothills "flat" is not common. You can play with floor plans though. Find out what it costs to build your type of home, so you know what you can afford for land. Shop for prices on appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, flooring, counters, cabinets, woodwork, ornamental features, roofing, siding, windows, doors,etc. Or call the Placer County Contractor Asso, in Auburn, for General Contractor references. Your choices greatly influence your "cost per square foot".

You need land big enough for the home, and improvements such as: pool, sports courts, shop, barn, gardens, livestock setup, vineyard, your drive, setbacks between the home, the well, septic systems and property lines. Your land will decide many things. Placement of home so your driveway isn't a big cost.. Orientation for a view or sunset.. Which side should pool/gardens be on? Which will carry through traffic? Are there rocks/trees to accentuate? Its all part of the fun!


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