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Home Buying Information:

Buyer's Services, Money Saving Mortgage Tip, Appraisals and Market Value, Title and Escrow Information, Market Conditions Advisory, Bidding Wars:

Buyers, confused about Listing agents and Buyer's agents?
The Seller's agent offers to cooperate with Buyer's agents when a listing is put on Metrolist. This agent has the seller's best interests in mind.

Your own Buyer's Agent
Your own Buyer's agent can show you properties, and help you write an offer to purchase. The Buyer's agent gets you the information you need, which must be disclosed by the Sellers. I can show you ANY property offered for sale on Metrolist in the areas I work in.

Some "Buyer's Agents" only work for buyer's. I have represented many sellers and buyers, and can help you understand both sides.

Dual Agency-Representing Both Parties
If I am the Seller's agent for the home one of my Buyer clients wants, and the seller and buyer allow it, I can represent both parties. This is "dual agency" and requires an ethical, careful, hardworking agent.

Current Market Conditions and How to Get the Home You Want

One very positive thing you can do is provide the Seller with proof of your financial ability to close the sale. You are not required to have pre-approval for your loan, before you make the offer, but as your agent I would advise you to.

If you can offer to close the sale quickly, that can also be persuasive for the Seller. Especially if they have been on the market for too long, have bought another home, or are being stressed by other circumstances and would be helped by a quick close. If parties in the transaction can get the inspections they each agreed to be responsible for done quickly, then the Buyer might shorten their inspection period to perhaps 14 days. That allows negotiations for possible repairs to be agreed on in only 2 weeks, so the repairs (if any) can take place and the escrow can proceed to the early close of sale agreed on in the purchase agreement. If neither party to the transaction is in a hurry, the contract can specify longer time periods.

Coldwell Banker Mortgage-Guarantees

When buying a home the first and probably most important factor is to find a lender that will be highly competitive in obtaining the lowest possible interest rate. Coldwell Banker Mortgage gives you valuable guarantees including: Same day mortgage decision. When you are finished viewing my site, you may click below for Coldwell Banker Mortgage Guarantees, Mortgage Payment Calculator, Affordability Calculator, and more.
Click Here! WARNING: This "Button" is an EXIT from Cora's WebSite.

Have your loan officer pre-qualify you, so you know where you stand before you even view homes.

Services You Receive as my Client

As a Coldwell Banker realtor I access up-to-the minute information for you.

Available weekdays, and weekends except Sunday mornings. We'll be in contact throughout the transaction process. I take my job seriously, but with humor and enthusiasm. My keywords are: communication, persistence, caring, honesty, resourcefulness.

I will keep you fully informed at all stages. I will listen and explain carefully. My job is to get you the best possible price and terms when you buy and sell, protect your confidentiality, and put your interests first.

*Utmost care, integrity, honesty, and loyalty in dealings with my client. *Skilled negotiation advice. *First class representation. *Expert marketing. *Experienced home and land inspection and repair guidance. *Detail oriented transaction management(click on G3 Button-top right).

*Exceptional service. BUYER’S Services:
· Out of town buyer? I can get extra pix of homes you're interested in, with my digital camera and email you.

· Personal callsand/or emails daily if your timing is critical and there are newly available properties for you.

· “Comparable homes” reports to compare prices, features, neighborhoods, against a home you're interested in.

· Negotiation skills aimed at getting you the property at the best price and terms possible.

· Knowledgeable advice, the highest ethics, and extra effort.

· Your success is my success. My Buyer's agent fee comes from the sale proceeds, and isn’t paid until you close escrow.

Multiple Offers and Your ability to Compete

Yes, the inventory is higher now, with more choices for you, but multiple offers are still being made on the best properties.

The database I look at is updated when the listing agent enters it.

In order to act quickly and be able to make a quick decision, you need to have looked at homes with your agent, so you are both aware of property values and what is most important to you. You need to be sure you are looking in the right price range and area to find what you want and need.

Just starting to look?

or is it critical to find the right home now?

I offer you a free SEARCH FOR HOMES "Button", but if the timing is critical you need your agent to be your team member and together you need to know what options are currently available, and be ready to act.

That includes you being pre-qualified, or even better pre-approved, with your lender.

Writing an offer, opening an Escrow, Appraisal

When you write an offer you negotiate a contract between you and the seller. Once you and the seller agree to all conditions and terms of the contract, the seller accepts your offer or you accept the seller's counter offer, escrow will be opened. During the escrow period an appraisal is usually performed. This is usually required by the lender. If the appraisal determines the value of the home to be less than the purchase price agreed to you have options.

Renegotiate with the seller or not consummate the contract if you have an appraisal contingency, or possibly make up the difference between the loan amount applied for and the loan amount actually offered. If the appraisal comes in higher the seller may still be obligated to close.

When bidding wars take place

properties can sell for amounts far in excess of the listed sales price and/or the comparable sales in the area. This may make it more difficult to secure appraisal reports that support possibly inflated values and the sales price may not be the "fair market value" of the property. Buyers need to decide what they are willing to pay for the property in light of the market conditions and their own financial resources.

Buyers should engage property inspection professionals

after opening escrow, and before the expiration of the buyer inspection period to satisfy questions about value and desirability, and do other investigations, including reviewing all disclosures, records, and reports supplied by the sellers or other sources.

A Title Company

should have been chosen for the closing. A title company has the ability to check public records regarding the history of a property. They will prepare an owners title policy. The owners title policy assures you, as the buyer, that you have clear title to the property and there are no bad liens or claims on the property. This is like an insurance for your title or deed.

Another service offered by many title companies is escrow. When buying or selling a neutral third party is needed to handle deposits of funds, many documents, perhaps special reports, and other important papers. This process is referred to as being in escrow. You'll have an escrow officer who will meet with you, your agent, and sometimes your lender when you sign all the documents prior to your property closing escrow.


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